A bit of explanation:

The Magazine Zines are made from news magazines that I read weekly and monthly. I simply reduce the size of the magazines and photocopy them, producing a small booklet. The resulting zine sculptures are intended to question the authority of the slick magazines and simultaneously break all copyright laws associated with the logos, images and text contained within.

The Cartoon Drawings are made from images that I find while searching the Internet. I put the most interesting images in a folder on my desktop. By rendering all the images in a similar style and then by grouping the drawings in a random way I hope to disrupt my own desire to create intentional meanings and narratives out of the imagery. A sensibility related to my act of choice is all that is revealed by the grouped drawings.

The Untitled (Business Cards) are made by overnightprints.com. They use graphics from a Dover copyright free design book. Each card is a small multiple sculpture that corrupts the original use value of a business card. In this exhibition the business cards are paired with the Magazine Zines in photocopied posters on the wall. I like how the trippy business cards obscure the imagery on the covers of the zines.