And/Or Gallery Press Release #20

And/Or Show #20:
Peter Barrickman and Petra Cortright

Dates: December 13 - January 17
Opening: December 13th, 6pm - 9pm
with screening of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special

Peter Barrickman

Peter Barrickman is a painter, sculptor, filmmaker and performer based in Milwaukee. In this exhibition, Barrickman presents a series of paintings where both the laws of physics and conventional painting have been reinvented. Interested in visual interference, Barrickmann challenges the certainty of reality and images that have been altered in digital compression, antique printing or principled art-making. In his paintings, Barrickman creates a narrative of sliding interiors ranging from intimate to sci-fi, bringing his work both a sense of comedy and mis-en-scene. Barrickman has exhibited at Centraltrak in Dallas, the Milwaukee Art Museum , Angstrom Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as at international art fairs including the 2008 Dark Fair at The Swiss Institute in New York.

Petra Cortright

Petra Cortright blends imagery from video-games, the Internet and environmental iconography to create digital landscapes and eco-systems. In both her images and animation, Cortright creates a virtual cartography of plants, animals, city structures, and mountainous terrains. Using software interfaces, ASCII code, animated gifs, and instant messaging idioms, Cortright blends patterned images and creates the sense of a mysterious and complete world. A student of Parsons School of Design in New York, Cortright has exhibited with Rhizome at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bond Street Gallery in Brooklyn, Chelsea Art Museum in New York, she is also a member of the Nasty Nets Internet Surfing Club. Petra currently resides in Santa Barbara. (preferred contact info for publication)

Hours: W 5pm-8pm, Th-Sa 12pm-6pm, and by appointment

And/Or Gallery
4221 Bryan St. Suite B
Dallas, TX 75204

For more info, contact Paul Slocum (gallery director) at 214.676.5347

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untitled by Peter Barrickman

untitled by Peter Barrickman

Town by Petra Cortright

Cold Landscape by Petra Cortright