And/Or Gallery Show #25: The Open Show
August 2009

The 990 is an IRS public tax form that non-profit institutions are required to file which exposes many of their finanical records. For the final show at And/Or we present a form 990 for the gallery to show what our operating expenses, donations, and sales look like. Although And/Or Gallery was run as a for-profit business and never filed a form 990, the dollar values are the same as the gallery's actual tax form. For comparison, we are also showing the real 990 tax forms from The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art, The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, and The Dallas Museum of Art.

During the three and a half years that the gallery was open, it typically cost around $20,000 each year to operate, and we usually cleared enough in sales to only come up a couple thousand short. The majority of our sales were to European collectors who never visited the gallery.

And/Or Gallery 990 form

Dallas Contemporary 990 form

McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC) 990 form

Dallas Museum of Art 990 form