And/Or Gallery
Show #31: JODI
May 5 - September 22
Opening: Saturday, May 5th, 7pm - 9pm
And/Or Gallery is pleased to present Show #31: JODI.

For their first solo show in Los Angeles, the art collective JODI will enable the viewer to experience the cellular structures of both our realities: the physicality of the Cartesian IRL and the invisibility of the URL Dataspace. In the main gallery, JODI has recreated the gallery's concrete, coffered ceiling on the floor using carved cardboard, so that the Brutalist grid of the room's ceiling is seamlessly mirrored underfoot. The concept for this installation began as a Photoshop joke, when JODI emailed And/Or a doctored image of the ceiling flipped upside down as though one could walk on walls. That impossible logic has now been realized in the physical domain, as visitors are invited to step into this inverted, ultra-3D world of white boxes.

Inside and nearby the gallery, visitors' phones will be detected by an installed Wi-Fi hotspot named \ / \ /iFi, which is not connected to the internet. A screen in the front gallery will display network ID numbers and manufacturer information of Wi-Fi devices that have recently queried or connected to the unusual hotstop, partially exposing viewers to Wi-Fi's infrastructure. In the back gallery, two collections of 3D-image scans will be on view: one collection will show people primarily in museums, and another collection will show And/Or Gallery visitors navigating the ceiling/floor during the exhibition opening. Like radar, this 3D-image scanner emits waves of points that bounce back and photograph the scene via wave reflection. By moving the scanning device around the scene while capturing, additional scanned points connect, creating scrambled images of time and space lapsing at once. Both the Wi-Fi and the 3D visualizations will be enhanced by the grid-like structure of the floor/ceiling installation, since each coffer functions as a holding cell, easily trapping both the scanner's waves as well as the gallery visitors and their Wi-Fi radio signals.

Working under the moniker JODI (or, the artist duo Joan Heemskerk (b. 1968 in Kaatscheuvel, the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (b. 1965 in Brussels, Belgium) rose to prominence in the mid-1990s as pioneers of, an artistic movement that explored the early Internet as an alternative exhibition space and a creative medium. Since the mid-1990s, they have been making websites, software art, computer game modifications, and screen captures. Their most notorious piece is their website (, which is a never-ending landscape of intricate HTML designs. As curator Michael Connor has noted, JODI's work builds on the deconstructivist tradition of structural film. "Whether working with early websites or mobile phones, they approach technology with gleeful iconoclasm, an appreciation of the absurd, and a penchant for sensory overload, calling attention to the underlying structures behind every digital screen."

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