And/Or Gallery Show #18.5 Reset/Play at Arthouse Austin
Nov 2008

curated by
Marcin Ramocki and Paul Slocum
and exhibited at Arthouse in Austin, Texas
Cory Arcangel, Michael Bell-Smith, Mike Beradino,
Brody Condon, Alexander R Galloway, JODI,
Guthrie Lonergan, Kristin Lucas, Joe McKay,
Michael Smith, Eddo Stern, and Keita Takahashi,


Michael Smith with graphics by Dov Jacobsen
Mike Builds a Shelter, 1983
arcade cabinet, video game
game restoration by Paul Slocum
Michael Bell-Smith (center)
While We Slept, 2004
digital video with sound
3 minutes 29 seconds
Mike Beradino
Liquid Pong, 2008
interactive sculpture

Eddo Stern
Level sounds like Devil (BabyInChrist vs. His Father, May 2006), 2007
digital video with sound
10 minutes

Guthrie Lonergan
RPG Paint, 2004
video game

Cory Arcangel
Beat the Champ (Sega Genesis Championship Bowling: Dana), 2008
installation with hacked Sega Genesis game controller

Brody Condon
Judgment Modification (After Memling), 2008
self-playing video game

Alexander R Galloway
How to Play World of Warcraft, 2005
Installation with video and ultrachrome prints

Composite Club, 2007
digital videos with sound

Keita Takahashi
Katamari Damacy, 2004
commercial video game for Playstation 2

Kristin Lucas
5-Minute Break, 2001
digital video with sound
4 minutes 35 seconds

Joe McKay with Nik Hanselmann, Gregory Niemeyer (left)
Return of Balance, 2007
video game