And/Or Gallery Show #18 Sold on Soylent (Sculpture's Back in Town)
Guest-Curated by Ludwig Schwarz
Featuring work by The Estate of Uma Klick, Ann Craven, and Danius Kesminas & The Histrionics
September 2008

TEOUKRD: The Estate of Uma Klick Rough Draft

My first encounter with the work of Uma Klick was in Germany in the early 90's at the Cologne art fair. Though I have no recollection of the work it must have made an impression as her name was clearly marked (both circled and with a star) on an inventory list I picked up from the now defunct Schmulke Bruengross gallery, a list I was fortunate enough to find three years ago when going through a jacket's pockets while considering downscaling my aging wardrobe. After finding Mr. Bruengross  residing in Munich, we began a lengthy correspondence which culminated in his agreeing to release several pieces from the estate for exhibition in the United States.
Little is known of Ms. Klick, her date of birth and birthplace included. Mr. Bruengross's story behind the acquisition of the estate, apparently completed in Munich in 1989 (the year of her untimely death) , seems sketchy at best. As for an exhibition history, there is none. She is rumored to have been a performance artist and to have participated in several Fluxus events but there is no documentation to substantiate this. What we do know, or now believe, is that she was a maker of things, a sculptor if you will, whose body of work was accompanied by writings in diary form. Several translated selections of this text will be presented to accompany the exhibition. Though I have no memories of the work itself, my good fortune in finding an old artist list in an old jacket leads to much anticipation.

-The estate of Uma Klick is a collaborative event where artists are invited to tell her story (their part of it) through any means available. Built on a loose fiction and revealed as such, the intent here is not to subvert the mechanics of audience faith but rather to initiate a safe place for creativity with limited boundaries, role playing as both liberating and critical, where the sum is nothing more than the value of its parts.-

The estate of Uma Klick: Join us today!

Ludwig Schwarz - 2008
Contributing Artists:
Jeff Dalton, Vince Jones, Brandon Kennedy, Titus O'Brien, Alan Reid, Marjorie Schwarz, Katherine Umsted

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In the Field, 1981
associated text
The Estate of Uma Klick
found metal and fabric, foam, paper, string
62 x 21 x 14

Untitled, 1977
associated text
The Estate of Uma Klick
bird cage, bread

Model for a Non-Electronic Heads Up Display, 1985
The Estate of Uma Klick
associated text
cardboard, brass wire, jewelry wire, Plexiglas, paper,
scotch tape, masking tape, arcylic paint

O sage O range (Ode to Bobby Don), 1983
associated text
The Estate of Uma Klick
styrofoam cooler, cowboy hat, can of coffee, collapsible cup, fake horseapple

Softness Preformed, date unknown
associated text
The Estate of Uma Klick
colored pencil on canvas
18 x 24

St. Louis Cardinal (for Dallas,) 2008
Ann Craven
oil on canvas, upside down
36 x 36

Untitled (sitting cross), 1978
associated text
The Estate of Uma Klick
cotton and wool

Untitled, date unknown
The Estate of Uma Klick
associated text
ribbon, spray paint, glue, hanger
dimensions variable

Untitled, 1989
The Estate of Uma Klick
associated text
cardboard, wire, fur, pillowcase, paint, wood

Letter to Utrecht requesting replacement of damaged paintbrush order, 1983
The Estate of Uma Klick

Exhibition Poster, 2008
Danius Kesminas

Sculpture's Back in Town, 2004
Danius Kesminas and The Histrionics
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A revision of Thin Lizzy's The Boys Are Back in Town,(1976)
ed. of 5, #4 available
(DVD including 13 videos)

installation shot