And/Or Gallery Show #22: YTMND
Paul Slocum, Max Goldberg, and Guthrie Lonergan
March 2009
YTMND, an acronym for "You're The Man Now Dog", is an Internet website and community where users create minimal one-page websites that consist of an image or short animation, a sound loop, and large zoomed text. The concept originated as a throw-away placeholder website for the Internet domain name, which Max Goldberg purchased after hearing the line of dialogue in an advertisement for the movie "Finding Forrester". The site's unusual content became a popular Internet joke and meme.

As that site grew in popularity, Goldberg created a new website called to facilitate others in creating websites similar to the original 'You're the Man Now Dog' placeholder site. The site was well-designed and easy to use with a rating system, which eventually attracted a large community that has created more than a half-million YTMND websites.

The users may not necessarily consider themselves artists, but the constraints of YTMND result in art making. The YTMND websites function as platforms for things like net art, jokes, political cartoons, DJing, and Youtube-like videos. The pieces in this show were selected from the existing work on the YTMND site. We did not ask permission to show the work, but everything in this exhibition is simply a website that anybody can visit on their home computer.

VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Click on any image below to see the associated YTMND website. Click here to see the automated playlist of YTMNDs that we included.

For a list of all the YTMNDs in the show, see the notes in my YTMND favs.