And/Or Gallery Show #9
May 2007

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untitled game, 2000
playable Quake first-person-shooter game with rewritten graphics engine

BCD, 1998
playable Wolfenstein 3D first-person-shooter game with graphic data removed

Composite Club (#1 and #7), 2007
video installation using cinema combined with a Playstation Eyetoy camera so that movies inadvertantly interact with simple games
each video, edition of 5 + 2AP

Arcangel Constantini

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Semimscope, 2005
interactive electro-mechanical installation

SX-70 polaroids, 2000
polaroids from SX-70 plus Time Zero net art project

Zi-Re-Filme, 2006
video installation with Palm Pilot and electronics
each video, edition of 3

Atari Noise Como en Casa, 1999
Installation with modified glitch Atari 2600 video game console